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LED Infinity Mirrors

The more enterprising or daring of you may wish to go for something that can act as a dazzling showpiece: The LED infinity mirror. In addition to all the benefits of a normal LED bathroom mirror, these provide depth and perspective, thereby allowing you to experience the mesmerizing feeling of looking at a seemingly endless line of lights, fading into the distance.

Please be aware though that there is a wide range of LED infinity mirrors out there, so be sure to check out as many as possible before you make your choice. In particular, you may want to check the following (non-exhaustive list of) possible feature:

  • always-on LEDs vs. blinking/flashing LEDs (or preferably a mirror that has both options).
  • single fixed colour LEDs vs. multi-colour ones, with dimming ability.
  • colour LEDs that transition gracefully from colour to colour, with a repeat cycle.
  • colour LEDs that change randomly from one colour to another.
  • memory that can store and recall the last setting.

Below are just a few examples of infinity mirrors with some of the above features:

Happy LED infinity mirror hunting!

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